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YB Resourceful Talents (YBRT) & YAfricaNatural.com - Product Index
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YAfricanSheaButter+Shampoo+Conditioner (Clean&Moisturize, 12 ounce, very pleasant plant odor, two-in-one multibenefit solution for all gender&various hair). Ships from California, or New Jersey
YAloe-Butter/lotion (4 ounce, in round bottle, Famous for healing dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn, and chapping. over 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. From South Africa
YBalafon-ExtraSmall (6-key, 2-pound, grouds&wooden plate, from Africa-like a piano)
YBalafon-Medium (10-12 keys, 8-pound, gourds&wooden plates from Africa) Ships from New Jersey, USA.
YBalafon-Small (8-key, 4-pound, grourds&wooden plates, from Africa-like a pinao)
YBlackSoap-Liquid/BodyWash (popular CLEAN&HEAL-8 ounce; SheaNut butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive Oil-veggie ingredients formulation for multi-benefit). Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.
YBonjour (French language tutoring on speaking&reading&writing for beginner&intermediate--one-on-one distance learning via phone, internet, and face-to-face); negotiable, flexible hourly price and schedule.
YCocoa-Butter (4 ounce, made in Ghana, “known as one of the world’s most effective skin care") Want 8 oz. instead?
YCoconut+MoisturizingShampoo (Popular Clean&Moisturize, 8.5 OZ. fresh coconut odor on you all day, earthy creations, from an island). Ships from California, or NJ, U.S.
YDjembeDrum-extra small, 8 inches tall, 2-pound WoodBody, Goat SkinSurface, great for child development).
YDjembeDrum-medium (Soul&Rhythm, 16-18 inch tall, 21 pound, real surface&wooden body-the real way of making African hand-drum. From Senegal-west Africa). Ships from New Jersey, or California-USA
YDjembeDrum-Small (12 inches tall, 5-pound WoodBody, Goat SkinSurface, great sound)!
YDuduOsun+Herbal HairWash (Clean&Moisturize, 8 ounce, delicate flower-odor , African creative herbal ingredients). Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.
YDuduOsun+LiquidSoap/BodyWash (Clean&Heal, 8 ounce, natural ingredients-delicate flower odor , multi-benefit. Bar copy available). Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.
YDudu-Osun+Moisturizing Lotion (Heal&Moisturize, 13 and half once, plantaine, camwood, shea, many more plants. Multi-benefit plant properties). Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.
YDuduOsun-African BlackSoap (5.25 ounce bar, plant ingredients-plantaine, camwood, cocoa, citrus, more); 8 ounce Liquid version available, popular item). Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.
YEcalyptus&Lemongrass-soap (2-in-1 shower kit natural goody; 5 ounce bar; clarify and condition your skin while its aroma-therapeutic combination's helps clear the mind and relieve stress)! Ships from California, or New Jersey-USA
YFrankincense+RawSheaButter (CLEAN&HEAL-5 ounce bar; soyMilk, ginger; more veggie ingredients, and biblical connection. Multi-benefit). Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.
YGifting - Gift-Certificate (give/surprise someone with some YBRT gift certificates).
YGifting - Gift-certificate (Surprise someone with a YBRT gift certificate)
YGiraffe (12 inches tall, hard wood carving from Kenya-African wildlife)
YKalimba-Gourd/thumb piano (3 inches tall, 7 wide, 1-pound, sweet sound portable instrument)
YLavender+SheaButter+Wildflower (CLEAN&HEAL-5 OZ. bar; veggie ingredients, multi-benefit). Ships from California, or NJ, U.S.
YLavender-Liquid-BlackSoap (8 ounce, greatly contributes to relaxing your body mind and spirit--after a busy, stressful, day, + more benefit! Bar copy available). Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.
YLemongrass&Teatree-soap (for more natural exfoliation with bar, crisp smell of lemongrass and the healing properties of tea tree oil, very refreshing. Made with Madagascar lemongrass and enriched with...; ships from California, or New Jersye-USA.
YMango+SheaButter (CLEAN&HEAL-5 OZ. bar; plant ingredients, multi-benefit) 13 OZ. Liquid copy available. Ships from CA, or NJ, U.S.
YOrganic+Virgin-Coconut-Oil/CREAM (Heal&Moisturize, 4 ounce, multi-purpose use, long-lasting for low price.)
YShea-Bbutter/lotion (mango-scented 4 ounce in round bottle; great for moisturizing, multi-benefit for skin issues). Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.
YShea-Butter&lotion (Unscented/pure; Heal&Moisturize, 4 ounce in portable-size container, awesome for moisturizing, and healing multiple skin issues, help baby sleeps great,). Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.
YWhiteBrocade-Pleated-SkirtSet (3-piece made by creative Senegal artists for you); red copy available. Ships from California, or New Jersey, U.S.A.
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