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About (natural prods) Brand

YB Resourceful Talents (YBRT) & YAfricaNatural.com

Thanks so much for visiting the YBRT online store. Additional information: YB Resourceful Talents (YBRT), and its brand YAfricaNatural.com is a specialty store offering you a line of natural, unique, and valuable African gifts. These products are inspired by and created in Africa and are beneficial to the earth and your natural/organic health. The YBRT’s new "YAfricaNatural?" branch is Your opportunity to accessing Africa's locally tailored products including unique clothing styles, hand-carved and woven artwork, and all natural bath and beauty items. The (personal-care) items are for men and women and made from all natural ingredients--derived from Africa (motherland). The soaps and oils are earthy creations that are eaten by people and animals. African mothers of infants feel so confident in these natural health and beauty items that they use it on their children. If a mother of a small child feels confident to use these items on little baby bodies and hair then the YBRT feels confident that they are offering you the safest and best product for all ages. Yegue N. O. Badigue, the "YAfricaNatural" shop owner and business entrepreneur, a native of the central African country of Chad (Tchad), wants to share a personal testimony: My mama and papa, sis and bros, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, their parents, and friends of theirs who aren't even African, all have, and are currently using many of the personal care products being shared with you here on YAfricaNatural.com. My mama and papa, parents of 10 beautiful children said, "Yegue! Tell all people that they should wash their precious natural body with natural soaps and oils." Happy shopping at my YAfricanatural.com! Thank you in advance for supporting my business by buying and bringing home an African creation! Did you know? That any of your repeat purchases from us result in a repeat job opportunity for an African in Africa, and a smiley face at an African orphanage in Africa! www.YAfricaNatural.com opened 24 hours, 7 days; • Mailing address: 13300 Victory Blvd #308 Van Nuys, (Los Angeles) CA 91401 (US) • Phone: 1(888) 779-2728 Again, thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future. Sincerely, Yegue N. O. Badigue: Entrepreneur, Shop Owner.